The Gollwitzer company developed from an enterprise of the sand and gravel extraction to a concrete pipe work and is successfully with the production of concrete pipes active since 1966. In 1968 the Gollwitzer company has begun with the production of jacking pipes. The production of the jacking pipes was carried out in the centrifugal spinning process. 

Since 1985 these pipes are produced in upright manufacturing or in wet-cast and dry-cast process. In 1994, finally, the concrete factory was built in Klieken in Saxony-Anhalt.

Today are made with about 80 employees driving pipes for about 200 projects per year in the diameters DN300 till DN 3200. The lengths of the individual pipings extend from 20 m to 5 km, whereby in the length theoretically no borders are set. Approximately 35,000 m³ are blocked annually  concrete. From this about 70,000 m of concrete pipes per year develop depending upon dimension.

Meanwhile Gollwitzer-driving pipes in numerous countries of Europe help von Portugal to Russia with the supply of drinking water and during the waste water disposal.

In the course of the planning of different projects for the citizens of Berlin water of enterprises in the years 1998/99 the company Gollwitzer worked on the development of a course-firm pressure pipe system for sewage drain. Result of this development was a functional course-firm driving pipe from steel reinforced concrete group with a particularly developed fitting, which flowed into the registration of a patent.


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